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Adelaide’s Trusted Ridging and Pointing Specialists

It should come as no surprise to hear the condition of your roof has a direct impact on the structural safety of your home. Keeping each element of your roof regularly serviced and in great condition is vital in maintaining the quality of your roof’s safety. To ensure your roof is doing what it is supposed to, it is imperative to regularly assess your ridging and pointing. Wynterfell Construction has over 30 years of experience in the roofing industry and provides a wide range of services and assessments to keep your ridging and pointing structurally sound.

Why is Ridging and Pointing So Important?

Ridging and pointing is term used for describing the replacement of the cement between the tile and the ridge cap, it is recommended that a roof be re-ridged and pointed in flexible compound every 25 years by a licenced and qualified roof tiler. Cracked or damaged ridging can create spaces for leaks to occur, jeopardising timber structures, tile stability and efficient roof plumbing. This will eventually result in damage to the internal ceilings. 

Trust the Experts to Repair Your Roof

At Wynterfell Construction we can repair the ridge capping with flexible compound which will extend the life of the roof and add market value to your house. Our professional team have been working in the roofing and construction industry for over 30 years, and understands how vital a well-maintained roof is to the safety and value of your house. Don’t wait until a small issue causes major damage, if you suspect your ridging is in need of repair or replacement contact our team. 

We Use Only the Very Best Materials and Practices

We pride ourselves in providing quality customer service throughout Adelaide, Glenelg and the Adelaide Hills region and will work with you to create a roofing solution that works for you, your needs and budget. We use only the latest materials, technology and practices to ensure you get the best results available on the market. Whether you have a tiled or iron roof, our team can create a tailored solution for you.

Get an Obligation Free Quote 

Ridging and pointing can be done separately or included in a complete roof restoration , and can be quoted as a package. If your roof is in disrepair or you are looking to add value and ensure the safety of your home, contact our team today for an obligation free quote in the Adelaide, Glenelg, Glen Osmond and Adelaide Hills regions. Contact our team online, call 08 8388 2464 or email us at to talk to Adelaide’s leading roofing specialists.